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What are Rich Snippets?

We commonly hear the same phrase when we want to find out something; “Google it”. For the convenience of not even having to click on a result, the search engine giant has introduced rich snippets.

20 Mar, 20 by Antoniy Yushkevych 2 min Read

Rich Snippets Explained

A normal snippet is a single result of a Google search. Here’s an example of one:

Example of a snippet

As you can see, the snippet shows the title of the page, its URL and a small description of the page. If you wish to find out more information about the result, you have to follow the link.

Rich snippets, on the other hand, provide an additional piece of information about the search result. They assist in users’ understanding of the value of the page. The most commonly seen rich snippets include ratings, pricings, relevant questions and much more. Here you can see an example of a rich snippet:

Example of rich snippet

In this snippet, you can see some of the services MonoVM provides, along with relevant questions.

 Rich snippets stand out from the rest. They look much nicer and give the user a better understanding of what the site is about without having to even visit it. Having a rich snippet on your site can also affect your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking.

There is no direct correlation between having rich snippets and Google’s algorithms, however, there is a good chance of traffic increase as most people are more inclined to click on the rich snippets. Therefore, having higher overall traffic could provide you with a higher ranking from Google.


How do I add rich snippets to my site?

Google, and in fact, other search engines can display rich snippets if you add structured data to your site. Structured data is a piece of code written is a certain way, which search engines can understand it. They then read this code and create rich snippets out of it.


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