Setting Up and Using Mailing List in Plesk

Want to learn how to send one email to a lot of people with a click of a button? Read along to know how to make this happen using Plesk.

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Mailing various people(employees, clients, etc.) with one click is a great way to save time and effort of mailing individually.  If you are looking to send emails to many people at once, it’s time to get a mailing list. The mailing list contains emails of users who have subscribed to receive emails. 

These email messages can contain promotional materials, links, newsletters, educational material, presentations, or even plain text. In this guide, you will get thorough information on setting up and using a mailing list in Plesk. 

What is Plesk? 

Plesk is a control panel that makes it easier to maintain various factors of web hosting.  This platform offers common features with some of the advanced features.  There is a mailing group option that allows users to create one mail address that can be used to forward mail for multiple mail users on the same domain. 

What is a Mailing List? 

The mailing list consists of a group email address that users can subscribe to while using a website. The mail list is helpful for sending emails to various recipients at the same time.  These emails can include presentation materials, plain texts, links, promotional materials, colourful newsletters. So Plesk is beneficial to create a mailing list to add and maintain your subscribers. 

The first thing you have to remember, don’t add people to your mailing list if they don’t want to hear from you (if they didn’t subscribe).

Set Up Mailing List on Plesk

Log in to Plesk and open the control panel, then click on the "Mail">"Mailing Lists" tab.

Login to plesk

Now you can create and manage mailing lists, so create a new mailing list by clicking on the "Create Mailing List".

mailing list tab in plesk

From this point onwards you can create and manage mailing lists. So let’s go and create a new mailing list. Click “Create Mailing List”.

 Filling in details

Fill in your details after creating a mailing list. 

filling in details

In this options menu, you have to provide the information regarding: 

  • Mailing list address: The email address that will be sending the messages
  • Mailing list administrator's email: Admins email address
  • Subscribers: The users you would like to send emails

By clicking "Notify administrator on the mailing list creation", the admin will receive a notification about creating the list.

Finally, click on the OK button to complete the procedure. 

PS: You can create and manage a webmail server through cPanel as well. Read here to check that out. 

Use Mailing list

Now you will see the newly created mailing list on the dashboard of the Plesk control panel. 

newly created email

In case you want to add more subscribers or want to remove anyone, then go in the subscriber's list and make changes according to you.

If you want to remove the mailing list, then select a specific mailing list from the address list and click on the "Remove" to delete it. 

removing email

To turn off or on the mailing list service, go to the "Websites and Domains"  and select "Mail Settings".

selecting mail settings on website and domains

In the Mail Settings, select the email address you want to turn on/off in the mailing list. 

selecting the mail address

After selecting the specific email address, select the checkbox under "Mailing list address" to turn ON and vice versa for turning it OFF. 

 turning on/off the mailing list address

So this is how you can easily set up and use a mailing list in Plesk, and it can help you share multiple emails at one time.  

Mailing lists save plenty of time by sending out emails in a batch to multiple addresses; you can only imagine how long it would take to send them all one by one to each user. Using the above steps, you can create and manage your mailing lists in order to send messages to multiple users at once. In case you like our guide, visit our official website as we have multiple guides full of information. We also offer multiple services like DNS servers, VPS hosting, Web hosting, and many more. 

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