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Add another domain in DirectAdmin: (each step is followed by a visual representation of it) Log in to your DirectAdmin control panel. From your account section, click "Domain Setup" to go to the domain settings:          On this page you will see your current domain name and the disk space it consumes: Click on "Add Another Domain" to add a new domain. On the "Create Domain" page set up a domain name, disk space and bandwidth: Important Note: you must set up a DNS on your domain. You can get this information  from your web hosting company. After...

Changing the Password in DirectAdmin server First, log in to the DirectAdmin admin panel. Click "Change Password" in "Your account" section:   As you can see from the image below, this section includes several types of fields and options which are sorted according to the following order:    Current DirectAdmin Password : The directadmin current password must be entered in this field.    Enter Password : Enter your new password here.    Re-Enter Password : Enter your new password again.    DirectAdmin Account : By choosing this option, your entered password is...

It is common knowledge that changing your passwords every couple of months is a necessity for ensuring your cybersecurity. While not many people follow this advice, it is still crucial to know how to change a user password in WHM in case one’s password was compromised. Today we are offering a short and easy tutorial that will allow you to do so in only six simple steps.   What is WHM? WHM stands for Web Host Manager and is a software that gives access to manage cPanel hosts. WHM has the ability to create and manage multiple cPanel users. In some cases, a cPanel user may forget their...


Mar, 19

Safe mode in Windows offers a fantastic way to tackle common issues like unwanted malware, risky apps, and security-related problems in your system. There are multiple ways to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode. Remember, inappropriate VPS hosting may occur security-related issues in your system, but you can resolve it through Safe Mode. So make sure you use the best hostings like Monovm for your website. If you want to learn "how to boot into Safe Mode Windows 10", then read our complete article to know the easiest way to do it in your system. How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode So here is...

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