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Oct, 19

🎃 BOO! No tricks, just treats.

This Halloween, get spooked by the incredibly fast speeds of our SSD VPS servers. No, really, these virtual servers are the epitome of fast services, if one does not wish to dish out the money that a dedicated server costs. We want to treat you well on the start of this year’s holiday season, thus we made all our SSD VPS services cost half-price! Simply use the code “Halloween2k19” during the checkout process to get your discount. That’s it, there are absolutely no tricks, only treats!

As technological advancements progress, solid state drives become faster, larger and much more efficient with every new release. Despite new storage technologies being invented for them, the traditional spinning drives are simply unable to catch up in speed to the vastly superior transistor-storage technology of the SSDs.

We are not talking about a small performance boost, the increase in speed is staggering. Just about anyone who has switched from HDDs to SSDs as the chosen method of storage for their personal computers can vouch for us. Depending on the hardware, the read and write speeds can improve anywhere between 500% and even 1500%. Yes, Solid State Drives are generally that much faster.

If you wish to find out more about our SSD VPS servers, check out this article we wrote about them. Well, and if you already realized that a VPS based on Solid State Storage is what you need, just a reminder – this is a great chance since we slashed half price off of all our SSD VPS packages. Make haste, as this offer lasts only from 30th of October 2019 until 10th of November 2019 and simply enjoy the brand new performance capabilities.


🎃 " Discount Code: Halloween2k19 " 🎃