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Most important WordPress plugins 2020

There are thousands of different plugins available for WordPress. Due to this it is extremely difficult to know which plugins are required for a site and which ones are additional overhyped ones.

28 Sep, 20 by Susith Nonis 4 min Read

WordPress plugins that are a must for your site

WordPress is one of the best and the most popular CMS software on the internet. This is why there are thousands of plugins which provide useful solutions in respective niches. But when it's about being universal for all they don't provide much.

However there are some, which truly provide you with the ease of comfort and necessary tools to run a website smoothly. Your category or niche doesn't matter at all.

Here are some plugins which are most important for you and your website. We will explain the features and benefits of these plugins, which are a must-have for your website.

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1.      Yoast SEO


This is the most important plugin for your WordPress landscape and undoubtedly the most important one for your website. This plugin not only provides you with improved SEO but it’s also a useful tool to improve the readability of your content.

According to research, more than 79n % of visitors only scan and skim through your content on the website. When your content is readable and attractive, there are high chances that your visitors will retain this information later.

2.      UpdraftPlus


Minimum of 30,000 websites get hacked every day. Among that there is another issue which most of the websites has to suffer. That is compatibility error due to frequent updates.

When you have to update plugins frequently, you are prone to suffer some issue. If your website is hacked or you are facing compatibility error, you might lose all the data.

To save your data from theft or error, there are various plugins to take a backup of your website. None of these plugins are effective as UpdraftPlus.

You get access to have multiple cloud storages for integration and safety of your backups. You can change your backup also with recurring schedules.

3.      Optimole


Images take-up 50% of webpage sizes, but if your images are optimized, it can create a huge difference in load time. According to research if your website takes three seconds, almost 45% of your visitor would leave the website right away.

This delay in uptime would make 80% of the visitors never to come again on your website. The cloud-based system speeds up your website by optimizing every image.

4.      WPForms


Three million users are using this plugin on their websites. The easy to use interface of this plugin makes it the most useful tool in creating beautiful forms.

Almost every website has to provide contact information on their website. And when you get the ability to create eye-catching and beautiful forms without using JavaScript or some other codes, you can't afford to go for another option.

5.      Redirection

When you have hundreds of posts on your websites, you cannot check the error in every single one of them. 404 errors and redirections create a bad impression on both your viewers and google experience. You can set up custom 301 lists within your website and can track broken URLs.

Wrapping up:

These plugins are not the only must-have options on WordPress. But having these options on your website make it useful, effective and user friendly.

Let us know in the comments below if you have some useful WordPress plugins that have saved ton of time when dealing with your website.


Susith Nonis

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Michael Amaral

2020, Oct, 20

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