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All the things that happened in Monovm during the month of March 2020.


Mar, 20

Inside Stories from March

Welcome to the first MonoVM monthly overview. We are launching this article section to  provide better insight to our users on what’s new about our services and what’s happening in our office. We will release these articles at the end of every month, so stay tuned.

This March was unlike any other; it shook the entire world.

In the first days of the month, we were sad to find out that CloudFest 2020 is cancelled, and contrary to last year, we will not be able to participate.

On March 13, we have received a notification that Lithuania is going under quarantine. Starting from that date, for the first time in our company’s history, our entire team began working remotely, as per the recommendations of the local government.

On that note, we strongly urge all our users, as per WHO and CDC recommendations to practice self-isolation, social distancing and wear PPE (personal protective equipment) when they have to leave their house.

We wish everyone to stay safe during this global pandemic.

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