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Introducing "Contact Form to Email" WordPress Plugin

In this article, we will introduce an essential WordPress plugin: Contact Form to Email. It is crucial to have on your website if you wish to have an organized way for your visitors to contact you.

19 Oct, 20 by Elizabet J 1 min Read

One of the most important ways of communication between a site manager and users is the presence of a contact form on the site. In this article, we will introduce the Contact Form to Email WordPress plugin to help you establish communication paths between yourself and your users.

WordPress Contact Form Plugin: Contact Form to Email

Between WordPress plugins, there are several plugins available to create a contact form depending on the users' needs and features. The Contact Form to Email plugin is a full-featured plugin that will meet many of your requirements in this area. Also, the features of this plugin can be free of charge and can be installed through the WordPress repository. By installing the WordPress plugin Contact Form to Email, your form information will be sent to your email as well as the site database and CSV file.

Some of the features of this plugin are:

  1-  Delivery of emails and notifications
  2-  Save messages in the database to display the message history if the same message is sent by the same user
  3-  Printable list of messages organized by the date and time
  4-  Anti-spam code to prevent additional plugins from installing to create anti-spam
  5-  Printable reports
  6-  Automatic email reports
  7-  Possibility to send an automatic message to the user after submitting the form
  8-  Supports various languages and renaming the fields in the desired language

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