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Dec, 18

How to upload files on Centos VPS?

Without any file and data, IT world not defined and we can’t do anything. It’s necessary to move and upload files between computers and even servers.

In this article we want to describe how to upload local files into Linux based VPS server. To do this action, we need 2 server or computer that called source and destination. In windows platform open “Cmd” and in Linux based OS open terminal or connect with putty. We assume that we want to upload single file from windows to Linux based platform. Let’s go upload a “test.txt” that is created on desktop and transfer it from windows to Centos6. Follow below steps and read description:

  • Making a file and named as “test.txt”.


  • Open “Run” by pressing start+R, in opened window type Cmd and press Enter


  • Change directory to where the file is available. Use “Cd” command and type the path, then press enter. In this example, our file is in desktop. Then type: “cd desktop”
  • Use “SCP” command in below format to upload file. For example:
      “SCP test.txt username@server_address:file/path”
  • If you first time login to server, windows want you to accept security alert. Type yes and press enter.
  • In this step, enter destination server password
  • File transferred successfully


  • To verify that file is transferred, open putty and connect to destination server. Use “Nano” or “vi” editor to open file.


  • As you see file is available here.


Oliver K

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