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How To Set Up Mail Forwarding in Plesk?

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of setting up mail forwarding for an email address in Plesk.

19 Aug, 19 by Susith Nonis 1 min Read

Log in to Plesk and go to Mail > Email Addresses.

selecting the mail address

Select the "Forwarding" tab > select the “Switch on mail forwarding” checkbox.

switching ON and OFF the mail forwarding ceckbox

In the available space, write the email addresses (one or more) to which you want the mail forwarded to, then click "OK". (Note: when entering multiple emails use spaces, commas, semicolons or start from a new line)

If you want to turn off mail forwarding then simply untick the checkbox and click "OK".

If you don’t want any copies of forwarded messages in the mailbox then simply go to Mail > Email Addresses and deselect the Mailbox check box.

Keeping a mailbox or not

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