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The is a reoccurring problem with Windows VPS servers: the copy paste function does not work. In this blog we will offer you a quick and easy-to-follow tutorial on how to fix this issue.


Dec, 18

How to Fix Copy/Paste Problem in Windows VPS?

How to Fix Copy/Paste Problem in Windows VPS?

At times, VPS server have a very noticable issue: upon login, the copy paste function is not working. This article will help you diagnose and fix this problem.

The first step towards the solution, is diagnosing the problem. The diagnosis is split into two parts, A and B. If following part A does not sove the isssue or it is already done, then please follow part B.

    1. In the source computer (i.e. the computer that you are using to connect to the VPS), open Remote Desktop Connection(RDP), go to Local Resources tab, click on Show Options. Under Local devices and resources make sure that Clipboard checkbox is checked like in the figure below.

 How to Fix Copy/Paste Problem in Windows VPS?

If the checkbox was unchecked, the aforementioned steps shoud fix the problem, however if it persists, please move on to part B.

  1. Now please login into your VPS with an account that has administrator level access and follow the steps below.

     1. Open “task manager” by typing “taskmgr” in run window (i.e. opened by clicking windows key + R) and press enter. In the opened window, go to “processes” tab and look for “RDP Clipboard Monitor” proccess. In windows server 2008, it is named as “rdpclip.exe”. Right click on it and select end task.

 How to Fix Copy/Paste Problem in Windows VPS?

  1. In same task manager window, open file menu and click on “Run new task”. Type “rdpclip” and press enter to run.



Now your issue should be solved!

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