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How to Enable Antivirus for Email in Plesk

With the constant rise of cybercrime, having an antivirus is like having an umbrella in the rain. Let us show you how to install an antivirus for emails in Plesk control panel.

Posted: 05 Aug, 19 Updated: 14 Dec, 21 by linda Y 1 Min

Despite the global efforts in cybersecurity, the internet is still a very dangerous place, filled with malware and spyware. Having a quality antivirus is crucial to the safety of your data and even hardware. This article will explain how you enable virus protection for your emails on your server running Plesk. Here's what you need to do:

Go to the Mail tab.


Click on the email address you wish to configure the antivirus on.




 Click on the Antivirus tab and select the checkbox: "Switch on antivirus protection for this email address". Choose the desired mail scanning mode. You can switch on scanning for incoming mail, outgoing mail, or both. Once the desired option is picked, click on the OK button.


Virus protection will now be set up for the selected email address. To activate the antivirus on other mailboxes, this process must be repeated, yet it is possible to select multiple mailboxes at once.

linda Y

linda Y

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