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How to Edit WordPress Dashboard Menu

Have you ever wanted to re-arrange or remove items from your WordPress admin menu? Maybe hide the admin menu for specific users? Or even add a custom admin menu in your WordPress dashboard? All these tweaks allow you to customize your admin panel based on your and your business' needs and help you to be more efficient when managing your site.

01 Jun, 19 by linda Y 2 min Read

Thanks to the availability of WordPress plugins, such customizations can be done without manually editing even one line of code. One plugin we recommend for this task is “Admin Menu Editor”.

Throughout this article, we will show you how to customize your WordPress admin menus for users based on their roles and capabilities by using a simple drag and drop interface with the help of the aforementioned plugin. This could be particularly useful if you are running a multi-author blog, and don’t have the developer skills to remove menu items with code.

Let's get to it:

In your WordPress site, go to the “Plugins” area.

Find and install the “Admin Menu Editor” plugin.


Go to Settings -> Menu Editor.

Here you will be able to rearrange, edit, add or delete your admin menu links. You can drag-and-drop all the menu links to a new position. You can also use the toolbar icons across the top to cut, copy, paste and edit each link.


More Features of Admin Menu Editor

Under the “Plugins” screen you’ll find a feature that lets you hide plugins from other users. This could be very useful if you have a plugin that you don’t want users to see. This could well be a site management plugin such as ManageWP or InfiniteWP.


Also under the “Settings” screen, you’ll also find some useful features. You can control who gets access to the Admin Menu Editor, and how it works across a multisite setup.


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