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Dec, 18

How to download files from Windows VPS?

How to download files from Windows VPS?


In this article, we are going to learn how to move our files between our PC’s and Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hard drive. Actually, we are going to share one or more of PC’s drives, then we can copy files from VPS to this shared drive or copy files from it to VPS. This will enable us easy transfer between our VPS and home PC.

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  1. Once you run the Remote Desktop Connection in your PC
  2. Click Show Options


  1. Open Local Resources tab
  2. Press more on Local devices and resources category



  1. Now choose drives you want to share


  1. Then click on ok and click connect


Now you have shared one of your PC’s drives and you can access it from your VPS. This shared drive comes along with the other VPS drives.

 Enjoy it...




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