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Jan, 19

How to create webmail in Plesk

How to create and manage webmail in Plesk

Mail service is one of the useful services which users can use it after purchasing web hosting services. After activating web hosting services, users can create and manage mail accounts in hosting management system. At this tutorial, we use Plesk as hosting management panel to create and manage webmail services.

In order to create an email account in Plesk follow this instruction:

  1. Login to Plesk and at the left side, click on “Mail”.


2.If you had generated any mail account before that, you would see those accounts in this section, otherwise you will not see any item in this section.

3.Let’s follow the email creation steps, click on “Create Email Address” button.


4. In appeared page you must complete requested information.

  • Email Address: Enter a name for related mail account.
  • Password and Confirm Password: You must choose a password and confirm it in related fields. Also you can create a complex password by selecting “Generate” button.
  • Mail Box: In this section, you can define storage capacity for the related account. (By default, 100 MB of capacity is intended for the user)
  • Description: You can explain some descriptions for the account. This section is optional.


5. After selecting the “OK” button, your account will be created and you will be redirected to the email page. At this page, you can see the account name and some other mail account features.


Now you can access the account settings by selecting created account.