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Dec, 18

How to connect to Linux VPS

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Most of the time we don't have access to the physical server and we have to login remotely to the server. In this tutorial we'll learn how to login remotely to a Linux Server using Secure Shell (SSH)


If you are using Mac or Linux:


Open Terminal

To open Terminal in Mac go to Applications > Utilities, and then open Terminal.

To open a Terminal in Linux use Ctrl+Alt+T or enter Terminal in the Searchfunction

Type “ssh” to determine connection protocol and then press “Space”, input your Username and server address (IP or Domain name) connected by “@” symbol. 

Considering a user ID of “user1” and a URL of, the following syntax should be entered to connect to the server:

ssh OR ssh user1@

Hit “Enter”

You will then be prompted for a password. Enter your password and hit enter.

If you are successful, you should see an command prompt, similar to the following:$


If you are using Windows:


Now we'll learn how to login to a Linux Server from a Windows using PuTTY. PuTTY is a free software application for Microsoft Windows operating systems which can be used to make an SSH connection to your server. You can download the application here and install it on your Windows.

Open PuTTY Terminal client, you will see following window:



Enter your connection settings:

Host Name: enter IP of your server

Port: 22 (leave as default)

Connection Type: SSH (leave as default)


Click "Open" to start the SSH session.

If this is your first time connecting to the server from your computer, you will see the following output. Accept the connection by clicking "Yes".


Once the SSH Connection is open, you should see a terminal prompt asking for your username. Your server's root username is "root".

Next, enter your password. You can find it in Clients Portal. Please note that you will not see your cursor moving, or any characters typed, when typing your password. This is a standard PuTTY security feature. After you typed it in hit “Enter”. 

Congratulations! You are now logged into your server with SSH.

linda Y

My name is Linda, I have Master degree in Information Technology Engineering. I have some experiences in working with Windows and Linux VPS and I have been working for 2 years on Virtualization and Hosting.