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May, 19

Google Chrome shortens links automatically

Over the recent past, new updates for Google Chrome are happening very frequenty. These changes come as a very small part for the browser but are followed by major changes.

Chrome will shorten links automatically

As you know, some sites have very high links because of very large nesting categories and menus. Because of this wee will have problems sharing them on social networks.Due to this, Google Chrome is aiming for an interesting approach which will automatically shorten all the links that are long.

On Google Chrome 64, just share a link from the browser's share menu to see the shortened link.

However there is always the possibility to copy the full link from the browser if it will be needed.

As in the illustrative image, you will see an example of sharing a link. On the left is Google Chrome 63 (current version) and on the right the link on Google Chrome 64.



The important thing about shortening the link is that it's automated, which means you do not need any prior settings. Chrome 64 will automatically allow you to do this.

Finally, the stable version of Google Chrome 64 will soon be available, you can use this feature.

We hope that the Chrome content will shorten the 64 links automatically.

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2019, Jun, 19

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