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In this article, we will go through what is a free VPS server, benefits and how to get a free VPS server from Monovm.

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VPS hosting is also an excellent option for game developers, programmers, SaaS providers, companies that have overgrown the shared hosting, and companies requiring a secure and reasonable backup environment. In the VPS hosting, the user gets root access for the server with complete freedom to install applications and change the environment without any help from the hosting provider other than shared hosting. 

learn more about what is vps hosting , and VPS hosting is the top choice while creating a website. So long story short, VPS is a hosting server that works to mimic a dedicated server environment in the shared server. In other words, VPS uses a virtualization technology for delivering private resources on the server with different users. 

Compared with shared hosting, VPS is secured and stable as you get a private server facility. As we have mentioned above, VPS is often used by website owners having medium-level traffic that may exceed the shared hosting plans but don't require any resources of the dedicated server.  VPS hosting is becoming a great choice because it offers security, performance, and reliability than a dedicated server at lesser prices. 

In case you are a beginner or can't afford any VPS hosting, you can go for the free VPS server. Most importantly, a free VPS will be as unique as other top and paid hosts, offering useful features to easily configure and manage a dedicated server. 

Many VPS hosting providers offer free VPS hosting, but they need the credit-related details to deduct the amount after one month. However, for obtaining free VPS from one of the best hosting service providers like Monovm, there are some basic parameters that you can fulfill and use free VPS without having any trouble. We suggest Monovm because there is excellent feedback from over 50 thousand satisfied customers who have received exceptional services without any complaints. 

So here is a list of the exclusive benefits you will get by using a free VPS  of Monovm. Later on, we will describe our criteria regarding the parameters of users. 

  • A free VPS of Monovm can save you money by delivering free hosting services.
  • A VPS can improve your purpose due to the guaranteed resources provided by Monovm.
  • You will have fantastic security of the data on your VPS hosting, and it is entirely free.
  • A simple licensing feature provided by Monovm can eliminate all of the license-related issues.
  • Monovm has more than 15 locations for VPS hosting worldwide, including the USA, Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia.
  • You will get a completely managed service even using a free VPS from Monovm because this company ensures a user's benefits.
  • Security plays a significant role for any VPS hosting, so Monovm assures that all servers are configured with raid 10. That's why there is no risk of data loss of the customers.

There are four significant types of VPS hostings offered by Monovm according to the operating system and requirements of a user. 

Windows VPS

This VPS hosting package offers instant activation and access high-quality remote desktop for 16.99 dollars per month, so the primary benefits of this package are:

  • Dedicated resources and 99.99% uptime
  • Full administrator access and SSD caching
  • Unlimited band and 24x7 customer support

Linux VPS

This Linux VPS hosting offers fast, reliable, and secured service with completely customizable configurations at 6.99 dollars per month. This Linux VPS hosting package delivers some primary benefits: 

  • Full SSH access and dedicated resources. 
  • Unlimited band and 24x7 customer support
  • 99.99 % Uptime and SSD caching

RDP Account

It is an ultra-fast remote application that costs 14.99 dollars per month and offers multiple features like: 

  • Dedicated resources and 99.99% uptime
  • Full administrator access and SSD caching
  • Unlimited band and 24x7 customer support


SSD VPS hosting package is beneficial to push your VPS's performance beyond the hardware capabilities of the traditional spinning drives. This VPS hosting will cost you 19.99 dollars per month and offers various features like: 

  • Dedicated resources and 99.99% uptime
  • Full administrator access and SSD caching
  • Unlimited band and 24x7 customer support

As per the little introduction of Monovm, it has a fast VPS delivery with flexible software options, and most importantly we also offer IPV6 with all our VPS servers. Hence, the Monovm VPS hosting provider can be your long-time friend if you want any reliable and best performing VPS hosting.   In case you want free VPS hosting, then Monovm offers an excellent free VPS that consists of multiple features and security. However, you need to fulfill the parameters to get a free VPS, so these parameters are: 

University Students

If you are a university student and need a VPS server for your university research, you can get a free VPS server from Monovm.

If you have a student card, you can contact our sales team to get your one-month free VPS server.


As per the eligibility criteria for bloggers, they must mention the Monovm in their blog to provide appropriate credits to get a free VPS server. 


If you are a website owner and want to get free VPS hosting, you must add Monovm's link to your website. For little information, Monovm's VPS hosting delivery is automated, and all Linux VPS servers are delivered in 20 seconds, and windows servers are delivered in less than 5 minutes.


As per the parameters for YouTubers, they are required to mention Monovm in their video or YouTube channel.

Social Media Influencers

We also have a great deal for social media influencers, so if you are a forum owner or a Twitter account owner, use the HashTags of Monovm in your posts while using free VPS from Monovm.

Github Developers

As we have amazing options for the Linux platform, so if you are a Github developer and want a free VPS, then please mention Monovm while using the free VPS hosting

Custom Eligible

If you don’t fit in any of these above parameters but you need a free VPS server, please let us know by contacting us. We will try our best to give you an appropriate service according to the custom eligibility. 

Hence, having free VPS hosting from Monovm requires the fulfillment of the above criteria, so if you are eligible for one of these parameters, you can apply for free VPS and follow the specific criteria. 

That’s it; we have provided every single detail about VPS and how to get free VPS if you are a beginner in this field. As we have indicated, VPS hosting is beneficial if you are a developer and want to create a website or a portal at any operating system such as Linux or Windows. It is good to go for a VPS due to the multiple advantages like excellent performance, saving costs, and maintaining important data security. 

You can quickly get a free VPS if you follow the parameters given by Monovm because this organization has multiple offerings for students, developers, organizations, and bloggers. Nothing can beat the free-of-cost unique features while starting in any field that requires effort, money, and time. 

If you doubt anything regarding the free VPS, please connect with us at, and we will deliver sufficient details about it. 

  • How does a VPS work?

A VPS is an efficient way to enhance your growing business’s flexibility and efficiency for the long term. It allows shared hosting services without spending much on the dedicated server and resources. Every company might not require the power of a dedicated server and is better off with VPS whenever you outgrow your shared hosting. 

You can say a VPS is a server that runs on another server. The hosting provider creates a virtual layer on the top of the server’s OS that divides the server into multiple partitions and assigns each partition to various users for better resource utilization. You will get complete control over your resources, and each user will be isolated from another on the OS level.

  • Is free VPS safe?

Everyone might fall for the free services, but free VPS hosting is good if you are running a trial. But if you are a large enterprise having crucial data, then it might not be an excellent option to go. The free VPS option might not be safe and secure enough to guarantee to keep your work safe. Thus, it is essential that you choose a reputed host that will not compromise your critical business information. 

However, there is no doubt that reputed free VPS hosting is secure but offers limited resources like RAM, disk space, and even server location. 

  • What are the benefits of using VPS hosting?

A VPS hosting offers you the combined benefits and services of shared and dedicated hosting. How you leverage the services depends on what your company accepts from the hosting. We have mentioned some of the benefits.

  • You will get reliable performance as you will get dedicated bandwidth and storage that need not be shared with other users.
  • You will get complete control over your resources, and you can customize them according to your changing business needs.
  • It ensures consistent data backups for fault tolerance.
  • It allows your business to scale efficiently.

Also you can start your Linux VPS journey with us for getting better kind of hosting and support.

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This is a wonderfully detailed post explaining the benefits and versatility of VPS hosting. It's great to know that Monovm offers excellent options for various users, including students, bloggers, and developers. Getting root access and dedicated resources at an affordable price or even for free, really sets VPS apart. Plus, the added security and performance make it a solid choice for anyone looking to upgrade from shared hosting. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive guide!

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Great article! VPS hosting definitely sounds like the ideal solution for anyone needing more control, security, and performance than what shared hosting offers. I really appreciate the detailed explanation of the benefits and the criteria for obtaining a free VPS from Monovm. Definitely worth considering for those just starting out or looking to scale their projects without breaking the bank. Thank you for shedding light on such a flexible and cost-effective hosting option!