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Jan, 19

Monovm Domain Control Panel

Welcome to the Monovm Support Knowledge Base. Here, we have listed detailed information regarding all our current Domain Services offerings and answers to possibly all your queries. In the event, If you are unable to locate a particular answer, Please inform our Support Team at

Logging into the Control Panel
Changing Name Servers of a Domain Name


Logging into Control Panel

  1. Visit:

  2. Enter your Username i.e., your Email Address and Password and click the Login button.
    Note: If it is your first login, You should set a password on your DomainCP account(By using Reset password option) or In the event that you do not remember your current Password, you can have your Account Password reset.

Reset Account Password

  1. Click the Forgot your Password?
  2. Enter your Username i.e., your Email Address and click the Send Reset Instructions button.
  3. This would send an email to your email address, containing a link through which you can reset your Control Panel Password.

    Note: You need to consider the following, in relation with your Password:
    A. Allowed Password length is 9 to 16 characters.
    B. It should contain at least: 1 lowercase character, 1 uppercase character, 1 number, 1 special character. (Allowed special characters are: ~*!@$#%_+.?:,{})
    C. Change the Password on a regular basis.
    D. Avoid Password that contains personal information (name, birth place, etc.) or dictionary words.
    E. Avoid using repeating characters (aaaaaa), keyboard patterns (asdfgh) or sequential numbers (123456).
    F. Do not disclose your Password to anyone.
    G. While setting a new Password, you may not re-use the current Password or the previous Password.

Changing Name Servers of a Domain Name 

In order to host a website on your domain name, you will need to obtain the Name Servers from the Web Hosting company with whom you wish to host your website and point your domain name to these Name Servers.