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DNS Management in DirectAdmin

Here we will discuss the ways of managing your DNS through DirectAdmin with easy and simple steps. Click to get started.

14 Dec, 21 by linda Y 1 min Read

In this tutorial, we will take you through managing your DNS in DirectAdmin 

  • First login to DirectAdmin panel.

  • Click ‘DNS Management’ from ‘Your Account’ section

DNS Management in DirectAdmin

  • Now we can see the zone files of your domain.

DNS Management in DirectAdmin

Common Records:

NS – Nameserver record. Specifies the hostname that was used to search the domain.

A – Address record. Matches the domain name to an IP address.

MX – Mail Exchange Record. It matches the list of servers that handles mailing of the domain.

CNAME- Canonical Name record. It matches the domain name to an alias.

  • If you want to delete any record, select the corresponding record and click ‘Delete Selected’ button.
  • If you want to add any record, you can add it in the section ‘Add Domain Records’

For example, to add a new ‘A’ record, insert the name of the zone in the left column, followed by the IP in the right column, and then click on ‘Add’ button.


  • You can modify MX record by clicking the button ‘Modify MX records’.

dns-management-in-direct-admin6mx record in directadmin


  • If you want to delete any MX record, select the record and click ‘Delete Selected’.


  • If you want to add another MX record, we can add it in the section ‘Add Another MX record’ and click ‘Add’ button.

This is the easy steps which is used in managing your DNS in DirectAdmin.

linda Y

My name is Linda, I have Master degree in Information Technology Engineering. I have some experiences in working with Windows and Linux VPS and I have been working for 2 years on Virtualization and Hosting. 

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