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.DE Domain Name Rules/Requirements

Want to know what is needed to register a .de domain? Here are the requirements you will have to follow.

14 Dec, 21 by Richard M 1 min Read

So, you want to host a site on a domain (what is domain name) that has the .de TLD? It is possible, however, like most other country-specific TLDs (Top-Level Domains), it has certain requirements for it.

To register .DE domains the following items should be pursued : 


  • Contact details :

The Registrant or the Administrative Contact of a .DE domain name needs to be from Germany. This implies that the country of either of these Contacts needs to be Germany.


  • Manage Name Servers :

To connect .DE domains into another host server (from other web hosting providers), you should send the login details of the Host Panel through a ticket until our support team applies the required options.  


With these formalities sorted out, you will get to enjoy seeing your site with a .de at the end of it.

Richard M

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