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Creating Packages in DirectAdmin

Learn how to create hosting packages in DirectAdmin.

Posted: 26 Feb, 19 Updated: 14 Dec, 21 by Ayden I 3 Min

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create packages using DirectAdmin.

Packages are all of the features which are available for you to assign to members (hosts). For example, every host created in DirectAdmin will have some features like bandwidth, access permissions, database storage space, a number of emails, etc. which you can assign to users as a package when creating a hosting account.

For creating packages in DirectAdmin follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, login to DirectAdmin with the account that has reseller access.
  2. After that go to Reseller Level.

Creating Packages in DirectAdmin

    3. Click on Add Package under Account Management.

Creating Packages in DirectAdmin

   4. In the newly opened page, enter the desired values.


The options available to be changed are as follows:

Bandwidth: The bandwidth value that is assigned to a host.

Disk Space: The amount of space from the server hard disk that is assigned to a host.

Inodes: The number of files and directories which a website can add. (Recommended to set to Unlimited).

Domain: The number of domains which can be hosted.

Sub-Domain: The number of subdomains which can be created through the account.

Email Accounts: The number of emails which can be created through the account.

Email Forwarders: The number of forward rolls that an account can define.

Mailing List: The number of mailing lists which the user can create.

Auto Responders: For setting the number of roles for automatic responses, use this field.

MySQL Databases: The number of databases which can be created in each account.

Domain Pointer:  The number of domain pointers that can be set by the account.

FTP Account: The number of FTP Accounts.

Anonymous FTP Account:  Allows anonymous users to access FTP.

CGI Access: Allows access to the use of CGI.

PHP Access: Allows access to the use of PHP.

SpamAssassin: Allows access to and use of Spam Assassin.

Catch-All Email: Catch-all email is a feature to forward emails that sent to non-existent email address on your domain name.

SSL Access: Allows the use of SSL settings.

SSH Access: Allows SSH access.

Cron Jobs: Allows access to Cron Jobs.

System Info: Allows to view the system information.

DNS Control: Allows access to DNS settings.

Suspend At Limit: By choosing this option, upon reaching the limit of each section by the user, the account will be automatically suspended.

Skin: Theme settings for the package.

Language: Chooses a language for the package.

After configuring the package features, at the end of the page in the Package Name section, enter a name for the package and click on Save button. Now you have made a package and you can use when creating any hosting account.


Also you can see and edit created packages in Manage User Packages section.