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In this blog we will discuss the information that needs to be provided in order to register a .CN domain name.


Feb, 19

.CN Registration Regulations

To register .CN domains, we need authentic proof that the client is of Chinese nationality or resides in People's Republic of China. There is no country-specific requirement for registering a .CN domain name. However, the following supporting documents need to be provided to complete the Registration process:


For Individuals

Registrant ID: ID Card / Residence Booklet / Driving License / Passport


For Organizations

Registrant ID: National ID Card / Residence Booklet / Driving License / Passport

Business Certificate: Organization Code Certificate / Enterprise Business Certificate / Certificate of Public Institution or Organization with Legal Person status


Please Note : 

If the Registrant plans on hosting the domain name in China, he/she needs to ensure that he/she has a valid MIIT ICP Number.

All documents need to be emailed in jpeg format to cn-documents@publicdomainregistry.com within 14 days from the time of placing a .CN Registration Order.

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