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Changing wp.config Permission

We discuss how to increase security in WordPress by changing the configuration file permissions.

Posted: 05 Mar, 19 Updated: 14 Dec, 21 by Ayden I 1 Min

Increasing security in WordPress by changing the configuration files permission


Changing access permissions is one of the security solutions which developers and security experts take into consideration and it will help you to increase your website’s security.

For changing wp-config.php permissions follow this tutorial.

  1. Login to your hosting control panel and enter File manager


    2. wp-config.php file is located in public_html folder by default, so enter to this directory and find ­wp-config


    3. Right click on the wp-config.php file and select Change Permission.


    4. At appeared frame, change check mark options like below screen while permission changes to 600.


With this trick, the wp-config.php file will only be modified for the original owner of the file.

  1. After applying the above changes, for increasing more security you must insert some codes in the htaccess So right click on htaccess file and select Edit option.


    6. After opening the .htaccess file, copy below codes into the file then save the file.

 # protect wpconfig.php

order allow,deny

deny from all

 After inserting the above codes into the file, you can be sure that you have secured wp-config.php file the best way.