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Best & Fastest DNS Servers 2020, When connecting to the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will automatically assign you a DNS servers. Read along to find out the recommended DNS servers for 2020.


Apr, 20

Three Of The Most Popular DNS Servers

Best & Fastest DNS Servers For 2020

When surfing the world wide web, we tend to simply type in the website’s domain into the address bar without thinking of the processes happening in the background. As you may already know, to connect to the server a website is hosted on, you must enter it’s IP address. So how do we connect to the site by just entering its name? DNS servers (Domain Name Servers) help us with doing that. They match the text we enter into the address bar to the server’s IP address.

When connecting to the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will automatically assign you DNS servers(What is DNS). This does not mean, however, that the ones assigned to you are the best ones to use. At times, switching to a different DNS might greatly improve your browsing experience. It could also do the opposite if you choose the wrong one.

Slow DNS servers can cause lag before a website even starts to load. If a DNS doesn’t have a great uptime, you might be unable to access any sites at all. We have compiled a list of DNS servers that we believe do a good job at providing DNS.

1. Cloudflare

Although Cloudflare is best known for the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) they provide, they also offer a new public DNS service named

It might not provide fancy addons others do, such as anti-phishing, content filtering or ad-blocking. Instead, pure performance is their main focus. Independent testing shows that is the fastest public DNS server available at the moment.

Along with speed, they promise privacy. According to Cloudflare, it will never write querying IP addresses to disk and any logs that do get created, will be deleted within 24 hours.

2. OpenDNS

Owned by Cisco, after being in the market for nearly 15 years, OpenDNS is one of the biggest and most recognizable names in public DNS. OpenDNS is well-known for their high speeds and 100% uptime, however, they also offer automatic anti-phishing and filtering sites to block by content type.

3. Google Public DNS

Anyone reading this article knows Google. The web giant enjoys having a role in any web-related services and it does not exclude DNS servers. Although they do not provide the highest speeds or the most privacy, we have observed that Google’s Public DNS provides an overall good quality of service.

It logs the full IP address info of the querying device for 48 hours and any permanent logs are rid of personally identifiable information.

All this DNS servers can be used in VPS servers and dedicated servers too.

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