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The 5 Best Plugins to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

Running a marketing campaign is a complex task to undertake, however, if your online business is based on a WordPress website, there are tools that will help you to at least create landing pages without having to write code. Today, we will explain what landing pages are and provide you with what we consider to be the 5 best landing page plugins for WordPress websites.

Posted: 03 Mar, 19 Updated: 14 Nov, 22 by Elizabet J 6 Min

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Having an online business is no less work than having a physical one. While a select few can simply grow organically due to the nature of their products, the majority will need to utilize digital marketing in order to get more exposure and attract potential customers. When running a marketing campaign can be done in many ways, there is one constant factor: a landing page.

Today, we will discuss landing pages, their importance, and even provide you a list of the best landing page plugins you can use for a WordPress site. Let’s dive straight into it!


Unlike most of the regular web pages on a website, which can serve a variety of purposes such as providing information, product listings, contacts, etc., a landing page has one simple role: a call to action. In the digital marketing world, these pages are used to increase the conversion rates of marketing campaigns and lowering costs of acquiring sales.

In layman’s terms, it is the page where a user “lands” on when clicking a link from a marketing email or ads from social media platforms, and the internet in general. The landing page serves a completely different purpose from normal pages. Paired with well-designed ads that promote a single offer, everything about them works hard to turn visitors into customers. It’s making an attempt to convert the traffic the brand’s already getting.

If you are running an online business that conducts one or several marketing campaigns or wishes to start one, landing pages are an absolute necessity. While your site’s home page shows off the brand, lets people explore a range of products, and offers additional info about the company and its values, it is also full of potential distractions that might cause a website visitor to remain just that. Marketing professionals use landing pages with much less info in order to turn visitors into customers.


We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the best landing page plugins for WordPress. It’s important to mention, however, that there are plenty of good landing page plugins out there that simply didn’t make it to this list but are still very viable options.

1. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder includes a set of content modules that help build landing pages. It also supports widget types and shortcodes to make your plans as easy as possible.
In addition, Beaver Builder supports and is compatible with most skins. This plugin is also optimized for mobile phones and tablets and will provide responsive pages for the benefit of your users.
This plugin will allow developers to create custom widgets using WordPress plugins.

2. The Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page

If your coding knowledge is zero or that of a beginner in the WordPress world, this plugin is designed for you. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to create a permalink or customizable permanent link for your email list. You will also be able to use credits on pages made with your logo or brand.
Another feature of this plugin is the ability to personalize the wallpaper, title, and description. In addition, you can use Google fonts in this plugin.
 Also, with the help of this plugin you can have complete control over the header and footer section of the "landing pages" and "pages will come soon".

3. Landing Page

Use the Landing Page plugin to create attractive landing pages and switch between different skins to find the best design for your landing pages.
All the steps to work with this plugin are automatic and without the need for the least programming knowledge possible to work with this plugin for users.

In addition, you can run A / B tests. This plugin also supports out-of-the-box forms of the Mail Chimp plugin.
With the help of this plugin, you will be able to create eye-catching emails directly from the counter via the plug-in to help interact with users and, consequently, to sell more products; finally, it's worth mentioning that this plugin is one of the best plugins for crawling pages. It's also optimized for SEO.

4. WordPress Landing Pages

The WordPress Landing Pages plugin will allow users to design a perfect Landing page using a proprietary in-app editor.
This editor is able to display changes made when switching elements and also the important feature of this add-on can be the ability to double the generated graphic pages.
The WordPress Landing Pages plugin allows you to choose between your custom landing pages or the theme of your site on the landing pages.
To improve the performance of this plugin, it's best to install and use WordPress Calls to Action plugins and WordPress Leads.

5. Parallax Gravity

Parallax Gravity allows you to easily adjust the settings of the various sections. Thanks to the "Multiple Section Support" feature of this plugin, you can easily customize the various sections of the landing pages with a variety of wallpapers, shortcodes, CSS, and more.
Other features of this extension include deactivation of landing pages, use of Analytics codes for better analysis, and the use of QR codes for offline pages.


Having a well-designed landing page could be the final deciding factor on whether your marketing campaign is successful or not. We hope that with the help of this in-depth article, you were able to learn more about landing pages.

Use one of the five WordPress landing page plugins mentioned in this blog in order to simply and effectively create beautiful landing pages for your site so that you can spend more time focusing on the marketing factor without spending too much on the page development.

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