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In our opinion, these are the five best mail servers to use for Linux OS: 1- Send Mail 2- PostFix 3- Exim 4- Qmail 5- Mutt


Feb, 19

5 Best Mail Servers for Linux OS

5 Best Mail Servers for Linux OS

This Linux mail servers can be installed on all linux distributions like centos, debian, ubuntu.


1. SendMail

This mail server is one of the oldest and most popular Linux servers, which was introduced in the RHEL 5 version and was pre-installed on it.

SendMail is less commonly used today due to its rather complicated configuration and being weaker than its competitors, but is still used as one of the mail servers for Linux operating system.


2. PostFix

After a long time since the introduction of SendMail by IBM, Wietse Zweitze Venema introduced a good, functional mail server to replace SendMail with the name PostFix. The important feature of this mail server is the ability to communicate with MariaDB and to be safer than SendMail. It's easy to set-up, configure and it's considered as one of the most popular Mail servers in Linux. Currently, the service can be installed on Solaris, OSX, Mac, Linux VPS, and all Unix-based operating systems, and has important features such as database support, unwanted mail control, mailbox support, and multi-protocol support.


3. Exim

In 1995 a mail server was introduced called Exim. In the beginning it was not given much attention but with time, after updates and fixing bugs,  Exim became one of the most popular and most functional Linux nodes.

Exim can be installed on all Unix-like operating systems. There is also a possibility to use Eim on Windows with the help of Linux virtualizers. Today Exim is used as the default email server for Cpanel, which shows the evolution and power of Exim.

The features of this mail server include support for RFC 2821 SMTP and RFC 2033LMTP for sending, full and diverse settings, strong support, encryption, intelligent routing, SMS connectivity and content scanning.


4. Qmail

Qmail is a simple, efficient and low-volume mail server. This mail server was developed in 1998 based on the secure replacement for SendMail with extensive security features making it secure and reliable to use.

Qmail mail server is an open source software which can be installed on both Unix and Linux operating systems.

The capabilities of this mail server include fast installation, automatic configurations, low volume, management environment for each user and automatic prevention of list loops. The full support of files, resolution of groups and addresses plus the previously mentioned features made Qmail one of the best mail servers available.


5. Mutt

In 1995, a mail server called Mutt was released for the Unix and Linux-like terminal.

This mail server, more known as an agent for mail server, has a full and powerful application in the terminal environment which makes it more distinct from its competitors.

This mail server is very powerful and highly configurable due to its unique design.

Its capabilities include support for POP3, IMAP, email debugging, email tagging, powerful software support, strong and complete documentation, support for various MMDF formats, mailDir, MH and Mbox.

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