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In this article we have come up with a list of CMS options that you can get from the internet absolutely free.


Sep, 20

5 of the best free CMS software for 2020

CMS is abbreviated as content management service which is mostly used when you are building and managing a website. The most important feature of the CMS software is that they are open source and can be installed with a simple click.

In this article we have come up with a list of CMS options that you can get from the internet absolutely free.

1.      WordPress


The widely used CMS option on the internet is WordPress. More than 30% of websites on the internet are made using WordPress. This is a top recommendation for people who want to use WordPress as their CMS. There’s a powerful editor and admin panel to manage all features, plugins, posts and content on the platform.

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Key Features:

  • Intuitive publishing
  • Robust content management options
  • Powerful editor
  • Format your content with ease
  • Highly customizable
  • Over 50,000 plugins
  • Over 3500 themes
  • Vibrant and robust community

2. Joomla


After WordPress, the most popular among people on the internet is Joomla. Most users say that this CMS is not as user friendly and easy to use for beginners compared to WordPress. However this CMS is much more flexible.

This service is remarkable when you need to manage custom post types. This membership-based site provides a lot of option for users. Multilingual support and plugin extensions are two of many features that you can get from using Joomla.

Key Features:

  • Excellent support for custom posts
  • Advanced user management options
  • Includes multilingual support
  • Unique templates for each page type


3. Drupal


This is also another famous open source CMS for your website and content. The most fascinating features of Drupal CMS is the security for your website and support for multilingual out of the box.

The system for dealing with custom type posts is very flexible. The taxonomy system is much more powerful when you compare it with the aforementioned CMS software.

Key Features:

  • Flexible custom post creation
  • Advanced user management
  • Multilingual sites support out of the box
  • Detailed taxonomy system
  • Top-notch Security for your website

4. Typo3


If you want to manage several different websites using a single platform, you need Typo3 to get all the tasks done. The tools are readily available to share among all of your websites. The most important feature of this CMS is scalability.

The enterprise-level websites uses this best single installation system to manage their content.

Key Features:

  • Great for enterprise-level sites
  • Support for multilingual websites
  • Ability to manage multiple sites
  • Single installation
  • Share data and tools among your websites

5. Serendipity


A user-friendly system for small blogs and beginner websites. This is famous for being the most lightweight CMS available. It offers excellent features and performance for your websites. You can extend the platform and use various themes and plugins.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for performance-oriented websites
  • Large selection of themes and plugins
  • Helps you customize your website


All the CMS systems we have shared are famous among website builders on the internet. Every system provides different features for various needs. But most people use WordPress because of its user-friendly interface with plugins and themes.


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